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Experience Superior Cleanliness For Your Facility With Our Eco-Friendly & Budget Wipes

  • Bamboo-Enhanced Durability: Super soft yet remarkably strong for effective cleaning.

  • Antiseptic & Aloe Vera Infusion: Gentle on the skin while efficiently tackling dirt, with antiseptic properties for added hygiene.

  • FDA Approved & 100% Biodegradable: Safeguarding health and the planet, free from plastics.


Is Your Facility Using the Best Cleaning Wipes?


Cleaner, Greener, Superior

The Cleanz Wipes Promise

Choose eco-friendly efficiency with Cleanz Wipes. Our antiseptic bamboo wipes, infused with aloe vera and tea tree oil, ensure safe and thorough cleaning. Designed for longevity with more sheets per roll, they're the ideal choice for facilities committed to both cleanliness and environmental care.


Choose from our stainless steel stands or bucket dispensers, designed for simplicity and efficiency, keeping Cleanz Wipes within reach.

Tailored for Every Space

Why Bamboo?

Elevate Cleanliness, Embrace Sustainability

Safe for Every Surface: Free from harsh chemicals like alcohol and bleach, ensuring safety on all surfaces.

Skin-Friendly Antiseptic Formula: Infused with Aloe Vera and Tea Tree Oil, offering gentle, effective, and antiseptic cleaning that's kind to the skin.

Eco-Smart Choice: Our wipes, made from rapidly renewable bamboo, are 100% biodegradable, decomposing within a year to reduce your carbon footprint.

High-Efficiency Design: With 900 sheets per roll, our wipes fit most standard dispensers, ideal for high-traffic areas in fitness centers, healthcare facilities, and schools.

1500 Value Wipes CASE .jpg

Tailored for Every Space

Our versatile Cleanz Wipes are perfect for any facility. From bustling fitness centers to serene spas, we can help ensure a clean environment everywhere you need it.

Budget-Friendly Cleanz Value Wipes 1500

Top Quality, Wallet-Friendly Cleaning Solutions

Maximized Efficiency: Each roll contains 1500 sheets, ensuring long-lasting use and fewer replacements, perfect for high-usage facilities.

Trusted Safety Standards: FDA-approved for quality assurance, offering peace of mind with every use.

Gentle Moisturizing Formula: Enriched with aloe and tea tree moisturizer, our wipes combine effective cleaning with skin-friendly care.

With Cleanz Value Wipes, experience the ideal balance of quality, efficiency, and affordability, designed to meet the rigorous demands of any busy facility.


Mike Bell

CEO Aire Fitness

The Fitness Business Assocation

Mike discusses safe, eco-friendly, and worry-free sanitation practices for his studio using Cleanz Eco Wipes. Discover how Mike has saved time, how his members love the product, and how he keeps his 8 gyms clean and safe!

(0:02) Tell the audience about your background and how Aira Fitness came to be. (about me)
(0:23) With many cleaning options available, why use Cleanz Eco Wipes within your studio? (why I switched)
(0:49) What makes Cleanz Eco Wipes different from other cleaning wipes? (bamboo)
(1:15) Tell us how you and your members use Cleanz Eco Wipes within your studio. What do your members say about Cleanz Eco Wipes? (why members love)
(1:51) What would you recommend to other studio owners considering Cleanz Eco Wipes for their sanitization needs? (why you should switch)


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For bulk orders, contact us for customized solutions and pricing. We cater to your facility's unique needs.


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Our versatile Cleanz Wipes are perfect for any facility. From bustling fitness centers to serene spas, ensure a clean environment everywhere.


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